Photopolymer Wayfinding Signs

photopolymerEarlier this year, eyecandy SIGNS INC. opened their doors to the savvy staff of NovaPolymers; the developer of the first clear photopolymer sign material, after the purchase of their new photopolymer system for an in-house training session. The creative design of tactile signage in addition to its functional value, environmental responsibility, and the technical details of this advanced production technique dominated discussions during the session. This photopolymer system is used at eyecandy SIGNS INC. for the production of accessible and aesthetically pleasing wayfinding systems using integrated braille components. These exceptional products balance the quintessential eyecandy SIGNS INC. flair for design with the United Nation’s standards for Accessibility.”

The photopolymer braille process differs substantially from the raster braille technique that has conventionally been used. Raster braille requires holes to be drilled into the sign face before inserting braille beads individually. Conversely, photopolymer braille creates seamless raised tactile components that are not liable to become dislodged over time. Photopolymer signs are created by placing a high-density film negative atop a photopolymer sheet which is then exposed to UV light. The exposed photopolymer hardens while the unexposed elements become water soluble, and are removed using a water bath. The photopolymer sheet is then exposed a second time before being finished in a wide variety of top coats. The finished product boasts both longevity and customizable design that can be suited to any architectural need. Because of its durability, scalability, and versatility, photopolymer is increasingly the preferred material for wayfinding and accessibility signage.”

Photopolymer technology fully meets and exceeds the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessibility signage as well as Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards for an accessible design for a build environment. In the United States all public spaces are mandated to have accessibility signage in place for permanent locations, and though Canada has yet to follow suit with similar legislation, accessibility continues to be an area of progress. Despite accessibility legislation not being standard across Canada as of yet, it is expected that Canada will require standards similar to the ADA within the next few years. Because of this, eyecandy SIGNS INC. recommends following ADA standards for any new interior sign packages.

Public spaces are the heart of communities, and signs exist to communicate more than a simple message. Signs build unity, and identity – they express a story about a place and its history, about its values and potentials. Accessibility signage is an essential step in communicating that a building, be it public or private, is invested in creating space and equity for all those who use it. eyecandy SIGNS INC. leverages this fundamental commitment to the built environment and looks for partners who share this vision for inclusive design and wayfinding systems.

eyecandy SIGNS INC. has the ability and expertise to guide you through the design process of photopolymer accessibility signage.  eyecandy SIGNS INC. has the ability to design, build, Maquinas IPL and ship wayfinding systems across the North American market.

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eyecandy SIGNS is now a Preferred Fabricator of Novacryl®

Novacryl wayfinding sign

eyecandy SIGNS is pleased to announce that we have joined the elite ranks of Nova Polymers’ Preferred Fabricators of Novacryl®, the world’s most expansive line of high-quality photopolymer ADA signage Novacryl® combines environmentally responsible materials with design options creating attractive wayfinding signage often considered artwork.

Visit the Nova Polymers website using the link below to see a short profile on eyecandy SIGNS and ADA signage.

Nova Polymers’ Preferred Fabricators of Novacryl


#ThrowbackThursday! #TBT

Carved Wooden Signs, #TBT

Scott TBT (492x640)

SIGNALS, throws you way back to a Thursday in April, 1991.  That’s our PM Scott Sherwood, front and centre, arms crossed, starring into the camera lens with more or less the same expression he uses today when deconstructing a work order.

Scott and eyecandy founder, Jake Ethridge, worked along side one another throughout the 90s at Rainbow Dawn. After a 16 year career at New Century Signs in Halifax, Scott has joined the eyecandy team and is kicking it old school. Sort of.

From the article: “the sign industry has changed dramatically over the past few years [and] has become more mechanized and computerized.”  Amazingly the advanced technology of the early 90s included overhead screen projectors and tape masks where today we use vinyl plotters and CNC’s.

Still unchanged is the passion for working together, making beautiful one of a kind signs that shape a street. We’re proud of our roots and are excited for what’s ahead!

Welcome to the team, Scott!

Seeking Sign Crafter Extraordinaire!

Looking for a gig with a creative team, and the best tee-shirts on the block?

We are currently recruiting hard working individuals who would excel within a team-oriented, dynamic environment, and who are receptive to new challenges.

Drop us a line – and maybe you’ll find yourself saying: “I can be eyecandy too.”




This weeks # aftenkjole ThursdayThrowback has been inspired by Spring.  What’s that??  You’ve forgotten what it is??  Well, let me fill you in. Spring is most well known for being the season after winter.  You’ll recognize it’s arrival by warmer air, longer days, flowers blooming and birds singing.  You might notice your head feeling hot under your toque, your fingers sweating in mittens, your whole body crying out to be free from winter garments!!!

But for real.  Spring is coming, and Halifax is ready.  Forget #stormchips and get ready to head down for a stroll on waterfront.   Simple wedding dress  Coffee? Rumcake? Icecream? Yes Please!  Just follow the signs, and do it without a parka.


West Bedford is the New Black

It seems almost as if an entire community sprung from the ground overnight.  Larry Uteck Blvd. has made a seemingly magical connection with what is now called West Bedford.  This newly developed area is now host to hundreds of new homes, and an accompanying commercial/retail element, all of which seems exceptionally well planned and executed.  Not only does this Larry Uteck connection allow for shorter commute times and less traffic for both new and older residents of this area, it also provides new conveniences, which are more than welcome in a thriving young community.

That’s our cue.  We’re always happy to spread some new eyecandy, and we were thrilled to hear that some of our favourite clients were looking to grow their businesses into this new location.

The Brace Space brings to you Dr. Sarah Davidson, and her business partners Dr. Dan Stuart, and Dr. Rick Bezanson.   These three visionaries have brought a long-term vision to life creating a state of the art orthodontics facility.  This space is eyecandy at it’s finest, inside and out.  Elements of this package included an exterior halo lit LED sign, stunning polished chrome letters and logos for the reception area, and gorgeous vinyl applications to many interior glass windows, partitions, etc.

 Next up, the always-lovely Jennie Dobbs brings Morris East to Bedford.  The popularity of her first location on Morris St. has it bursting at the seams, so it’s only natural that she’s opened a new—much larger location at Nine Mile Circle.  We’ve provided illuminated channel letter, and router cut HDU dimensional signage for the exterior of the new digs, and carried the classic vibe from the original location throughout the restaurant on custom made menu boards.

Fiddleheads Kids Shop is another new addition to Nine Mile.  Owner Nancy Rector is really on to something here–Given the large population of young families in this area, this adorable business seems exceptionally fitting. Exterior illuminated signage along with a router cut HDU dimensional sign for their main entrance gives this wonderful shop the serious cred it deserves.

BraceSpace_IlluminatedSign BraceSpace_InteriorSign BraceSpace_Vinyl MorrisEast_HDU_Sign MorrisEast_IlluminatedSign MorrisEast_InteriorSign MorrisEast_MenuSign Fiddleheads_IlluminatedSignWe’re excited to watch the continued growth of this area and look forward to adding even more character to this new part of town!