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#ThrowbackThursday! #TBT

Carved Wooden Signs, #TBT

Scott TBT (492x640)

SIGNALS, throws you way back to a Thursday in April, 1991.  That’s our PM Scott Sherwood, front and centre, arms crossed, starring into the camera lens with more or less the same expression he uses today when deconstructing a work order.

Scott and eyecandy founder, Jake Ethridge, worked along side one another throughout the 90s at Rainbow Dawn. After a 16 year career at New Century Signs in Halifax, Scott has joined the eyecandy team and is kicking it old school. Sort of.

From the article: “the sign industry has changed dramatically over the past few years [and] has become more mechanized and computerized.”  Amazingly the advanced technology of the early 90s included overhead screen projectors and tape masks where today we use vinyl plotters and CNC’s.

Still unchanged is the passion for working together, making beautiful one of a kind signs that shape a street. We’re proud of our roots and are excited for what’s ahead!

Welcome to the team, Scott!

Seeking Sign Crafter Extraordinaire!

Looking for a gig with a creative team, and the best tee-shirts on the block?

We are currently recruiting hard working individuals who would excel within a team-oriented, dynamic environment, and who are receptive to new challenges.

Drop us a line – and maybe you’ll find yourself saying: “I can be eyecandy too.”



The North End


Shout it from the roof tops: we love The North End. What’s not to love?

This dynamic Halifax community could be used as a metaphor for our human possibility. We attract creative minds who identify with the freedom that floods our streets. This is a place where business and residential blend, where high end coffee shops sit kitty corner indie bars, our co-op and investment firm are only a couple of brightly painted doors down from one another.

Despite our differences we have more in common with one another than not. Last winter at one of NEBA’s open space workshops I heard someone explain that we are united by our values: We shovel our own sidewalks and when we can we shovel our neighbours too.

What we’ve become is a thriving community of individuals who believe in the potential of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. I invite you to come explore this little village in the North End of Halifax. Pick up a NEBA walking map and give yourself a day to visit some of the extraordinary shops that make up The North End.


[coffee] JavaBlends – Freshly roasted coffee and relaxed street-lovin’ people.

[grocery] Newfoundland Store - Everything you could imagine.

[grocery] Local Source - A food revolution connecting urban with farm.

[finance] Starboard - Financial boutique and wealth planners.

[books] Orphan Books – Tidy bookstore with an extensive fiction collection.

[music] Gus - Hipster indie-music bar/institution meets pop-up Ace Burger.

[beer] Bridge Brewing Company – MicroBrewery. They open at three. Go.

[salon] Fred. – Gallery. Cafe. Hair. Just stepping in makes you feel beautiful.

[vintage shop] Lost and Found - Emergent local artists amongst a vintage wonderland.

[performing arts] The Bus Stop Theatre - Black box theatre and co-op.

[music] Company House – Always buzzing with locals. Always a stage for songwriters.

[eat] Jane’s Next Door - Prepared gourmet meals to go.

[ice cream] DeeDee’s - Locally sourced ingredients hand turned into ice-cream.


North End Boundaries (arguably)

South: Cogswell St.
West: Windsor St.
North: Young St.
East: The Harbour

NorthEnd Business Association