This weeks # aftenkjole ThursdayThrowback has been inspired by Spring.  What’s that??  You’ve forgotten what it is??  Well, let me fill you in. Spring is most well known for being the season after winter.  You’ll recognize it’s arrival by warmer air, longer days, flowers blooming and birds singing.  You might notice your head feeling hot under your toque, your fingers sweating in mittens, your whole body crying out to be free from winter garments!!!

But for real.  Spring is coming, and Halifax is ready.  Forget #stormchips and get ready to head down for a stroll on waterfront.   Simple wedding dress  Coffee? Rumcake? Icecream? Yes Please!  Just follow the signs, and do it without a parka.


West Bedford is the New Black

It seems almost as if an entire community sprung from the ground overnight.  Larry Uteck Blvd. has made a seemingly magical connection with what is now called West Bedford.  This newly developed area is now host to hundreds of new homes, and an accompanying commercial/retail element, all of which seems exceptionally well planned and executed.  Not only does this Larry Uteck connection allow for shorter commute times and less traffic for both new and older residents of this area, it also provides new conveniences, which are more than welcome in a thriving young community.

That’s our cue.  We’re always happy to spread some new eyecandy, and we were thrilled to hear that some of our favourite clients were looking to grow their businesses into this new location.

The Brace Space brings to you Dr. Sarah Davidson, and her business partners Dr. Dan Stuart, and Dr. Rick Bezanson.   These three visionaries have brought a long-term vision to life creating a state of the art orthodontics facility.  This space is eyecandy at it’s finest, inside and out.  Elements of this package included an exterior halo lit LED sign, stunning polished chrome letters and logos for the reception area, and gorgeous vinyl applications to many interior glass windows, partitions, etc.

 Next up, the always-lovely Jennie Dobbs brings Morris East to Bedford.  The popularity of her first location on Morris St. has it bursting at the seams, so it’s only natural that she’s opened a new—much larger location at Nine Mile Circle.  We’ve provided illuminated channel letter, and router cut HDU dimensional signage for the exterior of the new digs, and carried the classic vibe from the original location throughout the restaurant on custom made menu boards.

Fiddleheads Kids Shop is another new addition to Nine Mile.  Owner Nancy Rector is really on to something here–Given the large population of young families in this area, this adorable business seems exceptionally fitting. Exterior illuminated signage along with a router cut HDU dimensional sign for their main entrance gives this wonderful shop the serious cred it deserves.

BraceSpace_IlluminatedSign BraceSpace_InteriorSign BraceSpace_Vinyl MorrisEast_HDU_Sign MorrisEast_IlluminatedSign MorrisEast_InteriorSign MorrisEast_MenuSign Fiddleheads_IlluminatedSignWe’re excited to watch the continued growth of this area and look forward to adding even more character to this new part of town!




Frozen OceanIf you’ve lived in Halifax for any length of time, you’re likely to have laid eyes on A LOT of eyecandy. Whether you realize it or not, our work can be found all over the city; in grocery stores and office buildings, on vehicles and buses.  Sometimes they‘re simply helping you find the washroom, or telling you which jug the skim milk is in.  But sometimes– you just can’t miss them.

One of our trademark signs was created for Frozen Ocean Surf & Board Wear over 10 years ago.  Previously located at 1600 Barrington St., this uber cool boutique has since closed down, but the recognition of their sign hasn’t, and this got me thinking…what’s our new Frozen Ocean?  What is THAT sign that everyone just knows?

Is it the sculptural heron at Bogside Gallery in the Hydrostone Market? Or is it the Moksha Yoga sign on Dresden Rowe?  Grimsmo’s boutique?  How about the Hamachi House or the Stubborn Goat?

I don’t know what the answer is, but maybe it’s this: We’ve come a long way baby.  We’re no longer known for just a sign or two, but an entire portfolio that can be seen from one end of the city to the other… a constantly evolving and expanding group of projects, that are changing the landscape of the city one sign at a time.

We’re told the Frozen Ocean sign has made it’s way across the country to another location in Canmore Alberta.  The Halifax boutique may be closed but our memory of this awesome sculptural sign lives on. #ThursdayThrowback

Fresh eyecandy.

We’re looking for some new eyecandy, but don’t let that fool you. Your exceptional good looks won’t get you in the door, but an awesome attitude, strong work ethic, creative spirit and some serious smarts sure will!

Hiring for the sign business is seriously challenging. It’s a niche market for which the public has little knowledge. Signs are everywhere, but how often do people wonder where they actually come from? Many of us spent our childhood dreaming of what we would be when we grew up, and it’s not likely that signs ever came into those dreams.

The truth is, that I stumbled upon this strange world by chance, and only now do I realize what a fantastic world it is. Something that I never thought of, but now recognize,Team Love is that signs breathe life into business. They reinforce a brand in an instant. They are often the first point of contact for the public, and they are everywhere.

eyecandy SIGNS INC. is a creative sign company, and we value our mission of helping our clients stand out in a competitive landscape that tends to harbour a great deal of monotony.

Take a peek at our career page to see just what we’re looking for. Whether your interest is in business development, sign making, or graphic design, we may have a position that’s right for you.

We know you don’t know much about signs. But we want to show you how you can help us make the world a more colourful, dynamic place.

Planet Paws & Funky Munky

The newly renovated Funky Munky was a much anticipated Montebello cornerstone who celebrated their grand opening with an attendance of 4500 people on August 7th 2011. The Funky Munky is buzzing, not just with supportive members of the community—man’s best friend is welcome here too, and we love that.  The Funky Munky serves up cold treats to both people and pets alike and we’ve given this truly “Funky” ice hut a ton of Eyecandy flare with colourful vinyl and menu boards which compliments the vibrant space and gets the kids excited.

Unfortunately as the weather has gotten chilly, the Funky Munky has closed its doors until next season, but its seasonal closure has been the perfect jumping off point for Planet Paws Pet Essentials, the next addition to this beautiful new complex in the heart of the community.  The newly renovated building located at 95 Montebello Drive is the collective vision of the Habib family.  Longtime owners of neighboring Cascade Variety Store and Pizza Restaurant–the family is bringing to life their concept for what they call a “Holistic Community Place”.

We can’t get enough of working with small businesses. It’s clients like the Habib family that inspire us on the daily. A certified Pet Nutritionist and general animal lover, Rodney Habib has spent years educating others on taking a holistic approach to caring for our beloved pets. Open since fall 2010, this new business has a focused mission of bringing increased awareness to community health and wellness. Their dedication to the nearby Shubie Park is an example of their extraordinary connection with the community. Proceeds from the store’s food sales go directly to the maintenance and upkeep of this beloved park.

Paying homage to his cherished outdoor space is a life size sculptural tree welcoming you into Planet Paws “The tree’s significance is to remind observers of the beauty Shubie Park has to offer and the responsibility we’ve taken to help preserve it. We hope to inspire a sense of pride in the community we’ve all put efforts into strengthening,”

Farmer’s Markets of Nova Scotia

If you know Eyecandy, you know that we share a soft spot for local businesses and community members who make it their prerogative to actively and responsibly contribute to the betterment of their surroundings.  We believe that local entrepreneurs keep our province rich with culture, artistry, and a general sense of bourgeoisie.

If you’re not aware of the work being done by the Farmer’s Markets of Nova Scotia, let us fill you in.

We all know that there are numerous market’s held all over the province both on Weekends and at times throughout the week–but what you may not know is—there is a regulating body that helps ensure that our province stay committed to the support of local-entrepreneurial passion and livelihood.

In their own words “Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia (FMNS) is a cooperative of farmers’ markets from across the province”. They understand your challenges, see your opportunities and want to help your market flourish.

Their goals are simple and focused, aimed at providing vitality to town centers, increasing employment, promoting sustainability, and reducing the environmental impact of transporting goods long distance.  In order to meet these goals the FMNS is creating a unity amongst vendors through a certified membership program which allows for streamlined networking amongst members’ businesses, and educational opportunities for those who require assistance in learning to overcome the challenges they may face within their profession amongst other services.

The FMNS is keen on promoting their “Certified Farmer’s Market Brand”.  There are many Flea Markets and even grocery store brands that are using this holistic-sounding approach to appeal to the masses.  The FMNS wants their clients to know that they are the real thing.  Local, accountable, and guaranteeing their customers a genuine Farmer’s Market experience cheap weddingdress.

Eyecandy has recently had the pleasure of embarking on a valued relationship with the FMNS.  We are steadfast believers in their mission, and think that their markets should be well adorned with consistent, high quality signage that will help their members highlight their brands and capitalize on their selling space.

Click here to learn more about the FMNS and its involvement in your communities.


We’re going local again and this time ice cream and burritos are on the menu.  You might think this an odd combination, but at Dee Dee’s Ice Cream, this has proven to be a recipe for success.  But before we get to the burritos, let’s talk about the backstory.

Dee Dee’s Ice Cream opened for business at Peggy’s Cove in 2004.  A family owned and operated business; they were committed to using the highest quality ingredients available.  Not only do they support our local farms and businesses whenever possible, but their ice cream is the real deal, free from any artificial colours or preservatives, and flavoured to perfection with real fruits and organic extracts.

Branching out from their seasonal business, Dee Dee’s has expanded their presence by popping up first at the Farmer’s Market and at long last at their new year round location at 5668 Cornwallis Street in the North End.  Just like that, their menu expanded and burritos appeared.

We couldn’t help but wonder what provoked such an oddly-winning combination and Dee Dee’s owner, Ditta Kasdan, was happy to share her story.  She gives all the credit to her kids. When asked to add a savoury option to their presence at a local festival, her son was quick to suggest their Mexican favourite.  As a mother of four she says “Burritos were a staple in our family, and something we did well!”   brudtärna klänning “It seemed the obvious choice and it just stuck!”

We’ve recently had the pleasure of dressing up Dee Dee’s newest location with some eyecandy flare.   Vibrant window vinyl and an A-Frame sidewalk sign are sure to bring you in off the street for a taste experience you won’t regret.  It’s not just ice cream anymore, but don’t forget to save room for dessert.


Inkwell Boutique

Andrea Rahal, Billige brudekjoler   Owner of Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letter Press Studio, is on to something.  Her soft voice and pleasant demeanor made for a lovely exchange of information, enabling us to bring to life her vision for a gentle boutique sign which now hangs eloquently from the façade of her business located at 1658 Market Street in Halifax.

Andrea is a purveyor of specialty paper goods handmade with love, by artists from around the corner and across the world. She also offers custom letterpress printed personal stationery.  The moment you walk in to her fresh, bright, welcoming boutique you’ll have no doubt in your mind that handmade letter pressing is no lost art; but one that is vibrantly present in our city, and we’re lucky for that.

Andrea’s inspiration behind opening her business in Halifax is rooted in William Morris’ dictum labour of love. She does what she loves, she shares what she loves, and helps support other artists in doing what they love.  Andrea says her favourite aspects about running a business in Halifax are all the fascinating people she gets to meet. Inkwell Boutique is a strong contribution to the revitalization of downtown Halifax. Tucked between the bustle of Spring Garden and Barrington, Inkwell get’s many visitors who roll in, unaware of the beauty hidden behind her door. Andrea adores the reactions from these visitors who stumble in and exude appreciation for this unexpected shop.

Her unique products remind us that in Evening Dress Online   today’s world of email and generic birthday cards, we have options, options that allow us to get back down to the heart of things.  To reach out to our loved ones with a beautiful handwritten note, or say thank you in a way that is truly meaningful.  This is a world that has forgotten how much a real letter means- and inkwell has set out to change that.

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L’Acadie Vineyards


I remember the very first day I spoke with Pauline Scott, Owner of L’Acadie Vineyards.  It was a chilly day in February and she was eagerly preparing for her upcoming season at the winery.  Being a general wine lover, and past inhabitant of Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley, I was over the moon to be working with L’Acadie Vineyards in creating what was to become a traditional sign that would embody the heart/essence of L’Acadie and welcome visitors onto their stunning certified organic Vineyard.

Owners, Bruce and Pauline are putting Nova Scotia on the world map. Bruce is forging new territory with his traditional method sparkling wines. His use of L’Acadie grapes is particularly unique and his contribution to the craft is winning attention and praise world wide.  The L’Acadie Vineyards’ Prestige Brut and Sparkling Rose are the first Nova Scotia traditional method sparkling wines and thanks to their benchmarking the unique cool climate wine region is quickly gaining recognition for its authentic style.

At my earliest opportunity I sought out a bottle of their 2009 Sparkling Rose and was not disappointed.  It is no surprise that L’Acadie has been repeatedly acknowledged as Nova Scotia’s premiere producer of sparkling wines.

When asked what has been their favourite thing is about running a vineyard, Pauline and Bruce Ewert have this to say: “the many repeat customers that tell us how much they love our wines.  Nothing is greater for us than having happy customers”.

L’Acadie’s products are available for purchase at many NSLC’s throughout the province, the Wolfville Farmer’s Market as well as Halifax’s newly established Seaport Market, Bishop’s Cellar, Premier Wines, and Cristall and Luckett Wine Merchant. For a closer look at the vineyard you can visit the tasting room and shop May through December or can stay in the vineyard side guest cottage.

eyecandy is proud to have made L’Acadie Vineyards home to one of our pieces, and we look forward to keeping an eye on what’s happening with this growing Nova Scotian business.