Perforated Vinyl

Windows-01It’s a big mess over at 2705 Agricola. This 150 year old building was a hardware store at the turn of the century and we think it’s the perfect new home for eyecandy. The walls are the original wayne scot. The ceilings are well over 12′ high. The stairwell is wide and the building is deeper than it appears from the front. We love it. But it’s going to take some work to revive and adorn these details. Meanwhile: dirty chaotic mess.

Last week Gavin installed perforated vinyl on our windows. This material let’s light in so our worker bees who are inside re-invigorating the building have natural light; and pedestrians walking home from work don’t have to endure the chaos.

Just look at those graphics. It’s totally opaque from the street, and from inside it’s as if there’s nothing on the windows.