Farmer’s Markets of Nova Scotia

If you know Eyecandy, you know that we share a soft spot for local businesses and community members who make it their prerogative to actively and responsibly contribute to the betterment of their surroundings.  We believe that local entrepreneurs keep our province rich with culture, artistry, and a general sense of bourgeoisie.

If you’re not aware of the work being done by the Farmer’s Markets of Nova Scotia, let us fill you in.

We all know that there are numerous market’s held all over the province both on Weekends and at times throughout the week–but what you may not know is—there is a regulating body that helps ensure that our province stay committed to the support of local-entrepreneurial passion and livelihood.

In their own words “Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia (FMNS) is a cooperative of farmers’ markets from across the province”. They understand your challenges, see your opportunities and want to help your market flourish.

Their goals are simple and focused, aimed at providing vitality to town centers, increasing employment, promoting sustainability, and reducing the environmental impact of transporting goods long distance.  In order to meet these goals the FMNS is creating a unity amongst vendors through a certified membership program which allows for streamlined networking amongst members’ businesses, and educational opportunities for those who require assistance in learning to overcome the challenges they may face within their profession amongst other services.

The FMNS is keen on promoting their “Certified Farmer’s Market Brand”.  There are many Flea Markets and even grocery store brands that are using this holistic-sounding approach to appeal to the masses.  The FMNS wants their clients to know that they are the real thing.  Local, accountable, and guaranteeing their customers a genuine Farmer’s Market experience cheap weddingdress.

Eyecandy has recently had the pleasure of embarking on a valued relationship with the FMNS.  We are steadfast believers in their mission, and think that their markets should be well adorned with consistent, high quality signage that will help their members highlight their brands and capitalize on their selling space.

Click here to learn more about the FMNS and its involvement in your communities.