Planet Paws & Funky Munky

The newly renovated Funky Munky was a much anticipated Montebello cornerstone who celebrated their grand opening with an attendance of 4500 people on August 7th 2011. The Funky Munky is buzzing, not just with supportive members of the community—man’s best friend is welcome here too, and we love that.  The Funky Munky serves up cold treats to both people and pets alike and we’ve given this truly “Funky” ice hut a ton of Eyecandy flare with colourful vinyl and menu boards which compliments the vibrant space and gets the kids excited.

Unfortunately as the weather has gotten chilly, the Funky Munky has closed its doors until next season, but its seasonal closure has been the perfect jumping off point for Planet Paws Pet Essentials, the next addition to this beautiful new complex in the heart of the community.  The newly renovated building located at 95 Montebello Drive is the collective vision of the Habib family.  Longtime owners of neighboring Cascade Variety Store and Pizza Restaurant–the family is bringing to life their concept for what they call a “Holistic Community Place”.

We can’t get enough of working with small businesses. It’s clients like the Habib family that inspire us on the daily. A certified Pet Nutritionist and general animal lover, Rodney Habib has spent years educating others on taking a holistic approach to caring for our beloved pets. Open since fall 2010, this new business has a focused mission of bringing increased awareness to community health and wellness. Their dedication to the nearby Shubie Park is an example of their extraordinary connection with the community. Proceeds from the store’s food sales go directly to the maintenance and upkeep of this beloved park.

Paying homage to his cherished outdoor space is a life size sculptural tree welcoming you into Planet Paws “The tree’s significance is to remind observers of the beauty Shubie Park has to offer and the responsibility we’ve taken to help preserve it. We hope to inspire a sense of pride in the community we’ve all put efforts into strengthening,”