West Bedford is the New Black

It seems almost as if an entire community sprung from the ground overnight.  Larry Uteck Blvd. has made a seemingly magical connection with what is now called West Bedford.  This newly developed area is now host to hundreds of new homes, and an accompanying commercial/retail element, all of which seems exceptionally well planned and executed.  Not only does this Larry Uteck connection allow for shorter commute times and less traffic for both new and older residents of this area, it also provides new conveniences, which are more than welcome in a thriving young community.

That’s our cue.  We’re always happy to spread some new eyecandy, and we were thrilled to hear that some of our favourite clients were looking to grow their businesses into this new location.

The Brace Space brings to you Dr. Sarah Davidson, and her business partners Dr. Dan Stuart, and Dr. Rick Bezanson.   These three visionaries have brought a long-term vision to life creating a state of the art orthodontics facility.  This space is eyecandy at it’s finest, inside and out.  Elements of this package included an exterior halo lit LED sign, stunning polished chrome letters and logos for the reception area, and gorgeous vinyl applications to many interior glass windows, partitions, etc.

 Next up, the always-lovely Jennie Dobbs brings Morris East to Bedford.  The popularity of her first location on Morris St. has it bursting at the seams, so it’s only natural that she’s opened a new—much larger location at Nine Mile Circle.  We’ve provided illuminated channel letter, and router cut HDU dimensional signage for the exterior of the new digs, and carried the classic vibe from the original location throughout the restaurant on custom made menu boards.

Fiddleheads Kids Shop is another new addition to Nine Mile.  Owner Nancy Rector is really on to something here–Given the large population of young families in this area, this adorable business seems exceptionally fitting. Exterior illuminated signage along with a router cut HDU dimensional sign for their main entrance gives this wonderful shop the serious cred it deserves.

BraceSpace_IlluminatedSign BraceSpace_InteriorSign BraceSpace_Vinyl MorrisEast_HDU_Sign MorrisEast_IlluminatedSign MorrisEast_InteriorSign MorrisEast_MenuSign Fiddleheads_IlluminatedSignWe’re excited to watch the continued growth of this area and look forward to adding even more character to this new part of town!



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