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Andrea Rahal, Billige brudekjoler   Owner of Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letter Press Studio, is on to something.  Her soft voice and pleasant demeanor made for a lovely exchange of information, enabling us to bring to life her vision for a gentle boutique sign which now hangs eloquently from the façade of her business located at 1658 Market Street in Halifax.

Andrea is a purveyor of specialty paper goods handmade with love, by artists from around the corner and across the world. She also offers custom letterpress printed personal stationery.  The moment you walk in to her fresh, bright, welcoming boutique you’ll have no doubt in your mind that handmade letter pressing is no lost art; but one that is vibrantly present in our city, and we’re lucky for that.

Andrea’s inspiration behind opening her business in Halifax is rooted in William Morris’ dictum labour of love. She does what she loves, she shares what she loves, and helps support other artists in doing what they love.  Andrea says her favourite aspects about running a business in Halifax are all the fascinating people she gets to meet. Inkwell Boutique is a strong contribution to the revitalization of downtown Halifax. Tucked between the bustle of Spring Garden and Barrington, Inkwell get’s many visitors who roll in, unaware of the beauty hidden behind her door. Andrea adores the reactions from these visitors who stumble in and exude appreciation for this unexpected shop.

Her unique products remind us that in Evening Dress Online   today’s world of email and generic birthday cards, we have options, options that allow us to get back down to the heart of things.  To reach out to our loved ones with a beautiful handwritten note, or say thank you in a way that is truly meaningful.  This is a world that has forgotten how much a real letter means- and inkwell has set out to change that.

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