Frozen OceanIf you’ve lived in Halifax for any length of time, you’re likely to have laid eyes on A LOT of eyecandy. Whether you realize it or not, our work can be found all over the city; in grocery stores and office buildings, on vehicles and buses.  Sometimes they‘re simply helping you find the washroom, or telling you which jug the skim milk is in.  But sometimes– you just can’t miss them.

One of our trademark signs was created for Frozen Ocean Surf & Board Wear over 10 years ago.  Previously located at 1600 Barrington St., this uber cool boutique has since closed down, but the recognition of their sign hasn’t, and this got me thinking…what’s our new Frozen Ocean?  What is THAT sign that everyone just knows?

Is it the sculptural heron at Bogside Gallery in the Hydrostone Market? Or is it the Moksha Yoga sign on Dresden Rowe?  Grimsmo’s boutique?  How about the Hamachi House or the Stubborn Goat?

I don’t know what the answer is, but maybe it’s this: We’ve come a long way baby.  We’re no longer known for just a sign or two, but an entire portfolio that can be seen from one end of the city to the other… a constantly evolving and expanding group of projects, that are changing the landscape of the city one sign at a time.

We’re told the Frozen Ocean sign has made it’s way across the country to another location in Canmore Alberta.  The Halifax boutique may be closed but our memory of this awesome sculptural sign lives on. #ThursdayThrowback

Fresh eyecandy.

We’re looking for some new eyecandy, but don’t let that fool you. Your exceptional good looks won’t get you in the door, but an awesome attitude, strong work ethic, creative spirit and some serious smarts sure will!

Hiring for the sign business is seriously challenging. It’s a niche market for which the public has little knowledge. Signs are everywhere, but how often do people wonder where they actually come from? Many of us spent our childhood dreaming of what we would be when we grew up, and it’s not likely that signs ever came into those dreams.

The truth is, that I stumbled upon this strange world by chance, and only now do I realize what a fantastic world it is. Something that I never thought of, but now recognize,Team Love is that signs breathe life into business. They reinforce a brand in an instant. They are often the first point of contact for the public, and they are everywhere.

eyecandy SIGNS INC. is a creative sign company, and we value our mission of helping our clients stand out in a competitive landscape that tends to harbour a great deal of monotony.

Take a peek at our career page to see just what we’re looking for. Whether your interest is in business development, sign making, or graphic design, we may have a position that’s right for you.

We know you don’t know much about signs. But we want to show you how you can help us make the world a more colourful, dynamic place.

Blended Athletics

Blended Athletics

Located at 580 Write Ave. in Dartmouth, NS. Blended Athletics is a new fitness centre owned and operated by Dave Rafuse & Chad Furey, These guys are crossfit enthusiasts and are making moves to spread the crossfit bug.
Isn’t crossfit for super fit university students? You ask.
No. No, it’s not. Blended Athletics has made it their mission to make crossfit accessible to everyone. They even have a kids program for children between 5 and 9 WHA? Classes are Tuesday and Thursday between 5:30 and 6:15)
The driving motivation at Blended Athletics is to encourage everyone to get up, move their body, and get that heart pumping. They approach crossfit with one on one client support, education, and steadfast focus. If you want to catch a glimpse at the easy attitude these guys bring to their hardcore business just visit their facebook page! They post regular workouts that remind you how easy it is to get up and move your body. The only thing stopping you is…





100 Years of Graffiti


We’ve recently installed bold floor to ceiling photos by Janet Kimber.
Kimber is The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s 2013 featured artist. There she has installed her show, Neo-PetroGlyphs, a spirited series of centuries-old etchings carved into ancient stone walls across the globe. These markings whisper personal stories, tagged on the faces of historic tombs and walls like urban graffiti; individuals claiming ownership. eyecandy co-founder, Jake Ethridge, is partial to Kimbers portfolio. He first saw this body of work at the 2012 Pecha Kucha (spelling) hosted by Breakhouse and was taken with the layering landscape, culture, ancient history and modern storytelling. You can view this stunning series of photographs over the next 12 months at the AGNS. Or follow the links below.



Art Gallery of Nova Scotia site


The North End


Shout it from the roof tops: we love The North End. What’s not to love?

This dynamic Halifax community could be used as a metaphor for our human possibility. We attract creative minds who identify with the freedom that floods our streets. This is a place where business and residential blend, where high end coffee shops sit kitty corner indie bars, our co-op and investment firm are only a couple of brightly painted doors down from one another.

Despite our differences we have more in common with one another than not. Last winter at one of NEBA’s open space workshops I heard someone explain that we are united by our values: We shovel our own sidewalks and when we can we shovel our neighbours too.

What we’ve become is a thriving community of individuals who believe in the potential of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. I invite you to come explore this little village in the North End of Halifax. Pick up a NEBA walking map and give yourself a day to visit some of the extraordinary shops that make up The North End.


[coffee] JavaBlends – Freshly roasted coffee and relaxed street-lovin’ people.

[grocery] Newfoundland Store - Everything you could imagine.

[grocery] Local Source - A food revolution connecting urban with farm.

[finance] Starboard - Financial boutique and wealth planners.

[books] Orphan Books – Tidy bookstore with an extensive fiction collection.

[music] Gus - Hipster indie-music bar/institution meets pop-up Ace Burger.

[beer] Bridge Brewing Company – MicroBrewery. They open at three. Go.

[salon] Fred. – Gallery. Cafe. Hair. Just stepping in makes you feel beautiful.

[vintage shop] Lost and Found - Emergent local artists amongst a vintage wonderland.

[performing arts] The Bus Stop Theatre - Black box theatre and co-op.

[music] Company House – Always buzzing with locals. Always a stage for songwriters.

[eat] Jane’s Next Door - Prepared gourmet meals to go.

[ice cream] DeeDee’s - Locally sourced ingredients hand turned into ice-cream.


North End Boundaries (arguably)

South: Cogswell St.
West: Windsor St.
North: Young St.
East: The Harbour

NorthEnd Business Association


Planet Paws & Funky Munky

The newly renovated Funky Munky was a much anticipated Montebello cornerstone who celebrated their grand opening with an attendance of 4500 people on August 7th 2011. The Funky Munky is buzzing, not just with supportive members of the community—man’s best friend is welcome here too, and we love that.  The Funky Munky serves up cold treats to both people and pets alike and we’ve given this truly “Funky” ice hut a ton of Eyecandy flare with colourful vinyl and menu boards which compliments the vibrant space and gets the kids excited.

Unfortunately as the weather has gotten chilly, the Funky Munky has closed its doors until next season, but its seasonal closure has been the perfect jumping off point for Planet Paws Pet Essentials, the next addition to this beautiful new complex in the heart of the community.  The newly renovated building located at 95 Montebello Drive is the collective vision of the Habib family.  Longtime owners of neighboring Cascade Variety Store and Pizza Restaurant–the family is bringing to life their concept for what they call a “Holistic Community Place”.

We can’t get enough of working with small businesses. It’s clients like the Habib family that inspire us on the daily. A certified Pet Nutritionist and general animal lover, Rodney Habib has spent years educating others on taking a holistic approach to caring for our beloved pets. Open since fall 2010, this new business has a focused mission of bringing increased awareness to community health and wellness. Their dedication to the nearby Shubie Park is an example of their extraordinary connection with the community. Proceeds from the store’s food sales go directly to the maintenance and upkeep of this beloved park.

Paying homage to his cherished outdoor space is a life size sculptural tree welcoming you into Planet Paws “The tree’s significance is to remind observers of the beauty Shubie Park has to offer and the responsibility we’ve taken to help preserve it. We hope to inspire a sense of pride in the community we’ve all put efforts into strengthening,”